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FORMART Demonstration - Make a super cute diving mask

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FORMART Demonstration -  Make a super cute diving mask

Make a cute diving mask for Halloween or Cosplay with the combination of a FORMART & 3D Printer

Cultural and creative masks, colorful painting masks, and cosplay masks are the most typical applications of vacuum forming! In this video, we will demonstrate how to use vacuum forming + 3D printer + paper cutter to make a super cute diving mask


The STL was designed by 吉米的玩具格納庫 and not available for download


Machine of use

FORMART、 ATOM3 3D printerCricut Maker


Material of use

 PET 0.5mm sheet 、Spray painting




  1. Convert the model into an STL file and print the mask mold through a 3D printer (the thickness of the shell should be thicker than 1.5mm, and the in-fill should higher 20%)
  2. Use PET 0.5mm plastic sheet to form the mask blister
  3. The blister should be cleaned first to remove the release agent on the surface and prevent the paint from falling off
  4. Use a cutting machine to cut the masking stickers, and paste the portion that are not to be colored
  5. Use spray paint to paint your favorite color and then tear off the cover sticker to complete


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