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FORMART Demonstration - Dinosaur handmade soap mold

FORMART Demonstration - Dinosaur handmade soap mold

Make your own Dinosaur soap mold with the FORMART machine


The FORMART vacuum forming machine is very suitable for making handmade soap molds. In addition to the simple making process, it also has the advantages of low cost and fast completion. This video will demonstrate the use of a 3D printer to design a model, use a soft TPU sheet to form the molds, and then use a soap making machine to complete the super cute dinosaur soap production.


Material of use

TPU 1.0mm sheet



Machine of use

FORMART or FORMART lite 、ATOM3 3D printerLessdo shoap making machine




  1. Print out the STL files(Please set 1.5mm shell with 20% infill)
  2. Use TPU sheet to form the mold
  3. Pour in the pre-stirred handmade soap and take it out after hardening

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