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FORMART Demonstration - Make creative model display frame

FORMART Demonstration -  Make creative model display frame

Create a creative model display with IKEA and a little help from our FORMART

Is 3D modeling necessary for vacuum forming users? This video may change your perception! In this video, we will demonstrate how to use IKEA photo frames, wooden blocks, band saws to make the toy car storage photo frame. The making process is very simple. You can use the frame to store your model collection and hang it on the wall


Material of use

wooden block、PET 0.5mm sheetHIPS 1.0mm sheet、IKEA RIBBA 23cm x 23cm photo frame


Machine of use

ASAHI JD241 band saw、FORMART 



  1. Measure the size of the model and draw lines on the wooden block, and use a band saw machine to cut the block along the lines (it is recommended to make a bevel at the edge to avoid the 90 degree angle, otherwise it will easily cause the corner webbings)
  2. Measure the internal length and width of the photo frame, and use a knife to cut the HIPS plastic sheet as the floor to get a flat bottom surface
  3. Glue the wooden blocks to the HIPS bottom plate, and drill some vent holes at the corners of the bottom, the diameter of the holes is 1.5~2.0mm (remember to drill the vent holes, and they should be as close to the corner as possible)
  4. Put the transparent tray, models, blister, inner frame, and back panel into the photo frame and done

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