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FORMART Demonstration - Making 3D Catan Island

FORMART Demonstration - Making 3D Catan Island

Making 3D Catan Island with the FORMART vacuum forming machine.


Vacuum forming technology can not only be used to quickly copy various sand table model or architectural models, but also very suitable to make the 3D board games (for example: Fireball Island), which can not only make the board game more distinctive, but also give the board game more creatively. In this video, We will demonstrate how to use the FORMART smart vacuum former to make a 3D Catan Island painted board game.

STL download(Scale up to 1:4)

settler of catan

Magnetic Catan

Catan Longest Road Trophy

Machine of use


Material of use

HIPS 1.0mm sheet、white glue(please dilute with water appropriately)、Grass meal and tree material package、White water-based cement paint、Toning masterbatch、Mr.BASE WHITE spary painting


  1. Print out the STL files(Please set 1.5mm shell with 20% infill)
  2. Put the mold on forming bed and use HIPS 0.5mm sheet to form the shape
  3. The blister should be cleaned first to remove the release agent on the surface and prevent the paint from falling off
  4. Before coloring, spray a thin layer of MR.BASE WHITE spray painting to make it easier for the cement paint to adhere
  5. The cement paint is toned to the desired color and apply it
  6. After the cement paint is dry, apply white glue to the place where you want to stick the grass powder or bush material, and sprinkle the grass powder or stick on the bush

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