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FORMART S is a powerful, versatile and ultra-compact vacuum former using A4-sized materials. Achieve moulds with incredible detail with its built-in industrial-grade vacuum pump. The intuitive interface lets you create pro-level moulds easily. From beginners to professionals: unleash your creativity without limits!

CNC wooden
forming bed


Compact and
space saving

vacuum pump

Achieve professional-grade moulds with this compact vacuum former

CNC wooden forming bed for finer detail

The wooden CNC base plate absorbs less heat, which allows your moulds to have finer and more intricate details.

A4-sized materials

Unlike the larger FORMART SE and FORMART 2, the FORMART S uses A4-size sheets. The advantage is that smaller sheets are easy to find and as always you can use both original and third-party materials.

Ultra-compact design

Made for A4 plastic sheets, the FORMART S has a moulding area of 260 x 168 mm, offering a substantial working area in a small package.

With its tiny footprint the FORMART S is easy to store and the perfect size for your (home) office. Create professional moulds right from your desk.

Unique suction control technology

Achieve moulds with unprecedented detail, thanks to the built-in industrial grade AC induction pump with -90 kPa suction power.

Quick-lock & stop at any height

The patented dual-locking frame ensures a secure grip on the plastic sheet and allows you to lock it immediately by turning the handle. The magnetic clamps provide tray stability.

In addition, the frame can be stopped at any height with a twist of the wrist, so you can quickly put in the next sheet without removing your forming object.

Lightning-fast heating

Thanks to the industrial-grade carbon fibre quartz heating tube, the FORMART S heats up three times faster than its competitors! The even heating ensures professional forming quality and helps you to minimise waste.

With the 3-minute rapid heating you can create professional level moulds in no time.

For all skill levels

Professional and convenient at the same time! The "Advanced Mode" gives you maximum flexibility for professional use, while the "Simple Mode" has three built-in smart modules to help you get started quickly.

Built-in preheating program

The built-in preheating process significantly improves the forming quality and allows more materials to be formed, making the FORMART S suitable for a large variety of materials.

Complete materials database

The FORMART S has an extensive built-in materials database with 17 presets. Whether you’re using original or third-party A4 plastic sheets, the FORMART S can handle it.

Unique plastic sheet dehumidifying

The FORMART S has a built-in plastic sheet dehumidification function. This automatically removes moisture from your plastic sheet and prevents air bubble defects during forming.

How does vacuum forming work?

Select the operation mode and task

Insert your A4-sized material into your FORMART S

Start the preheating program and raise the frame to warm up the material

Pull the heated material over the object on the forming bed

Wait until the sheet has been pulled tight

Ready! Now you can start bringing your ideas to life

Turn ideas into reality

Technical specifications




50 x 46 x 31 cm 63 x 53 x 48 cm 63 x 53 x 48 cm
12.8 kg 24 kg 25 kg
Sheet Thickness
0.3 - 3.0 mm 0.3 - 3.0 mm 0.3 - 3.0 mm
Sheet Size
1 size
30 x 20.5 cm
4 sizes
50 x 30 cm
42 x 30 cm
30 x 30 cm
30 x 20.5 cm
4 sizes
50 x 30 cm
42 x 30 cm
30 x 30 cm
30 x 20.5 cm
Pump Type
AC induction pump DC brushless pump +
AC induction pump
DC brushless pump +
AC induction pump
3.5” 480 x 320 Full Color LCD 3.5” 480 x 320 Full Color LCD 3.5” 480 x 320 Full Color LCD
Heater Type
Quartz heater tubes,
temperature range 90 - 230 °C
Quartz heater tubes,
temperature range 90 - 230 °C
Quartz heater tubes,
temperature range 90 - 230 °C
Suction Mode
-90 kPA
Flow rate adjustable
-90 kPA
3 steps selectable
-90 kPA
Pressure adjustable
Power Supply
100 - 120 V AC @ 800 W
220 - 240 V AC @ 800 W
100 - 120 V AC @ 1500 W
220 - 240 V AC @ 1700 W
100 - 120 V AC @ 1500 W
220 - 240 V AC @ 1700 W
Other features
CNC wooden forming bed Alert speaker
  • Auto sheet detector
  • Auto-mold releasing
  • Built-in Pressure Sensor
  • Dual cooling fans
  • Alert speaker
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